HOME STYLING: 3 glamour tricks that make your home a precious home!

The cold season has some sorts of superpower: the deep desire of holing up creates an intimate and safe shelter drawing attention to the most important things. And, when it comes to dress your home, it is like to dress yourself: anything you will choose, it should be full of emotions and details that convey your own personality.

Choosing details carefully means to give character to the daily routine that develops between our home’s rooms: that is like each form, fabric, color and perfume talks about us.

Since they refer to house’s emotional life, they are the very center of the places we live in. A room arouses our emotions drawing the attention to few important elements, while all the others compose the background. Indeed, the successful style is made by some scenic touches. 

So, how to choose easily and autonomously the right colors for our home, creating a style that reflects our personality?

  1. Let’s start with something you like.
    Just look at things around you and let your emotions inspire you: choose anything beautiful and let it guide your choices. For example, the napkins NAP STAR (100% ramie): the bloomy pattern that characterizes them it’s a good starting point to analyze the color scheme, such as moss green (muschio) or mustard yellow, the newest tones for season Fall / Winter 2018.
  2. The 80/20 color scheme rule.
    Use strong colors parsimoniously so that they bring out a room rather than simply define it. Use neutral colors for the 80 percent and strong colors for the 20 percent: small groups of colors make a wonderful effect in the space and bring out the near neutral colors. For example, for a living room with white walls and beige furniture (so mostly characterized by neutral colors), the top style is to give a small touch, which actually makes a big difference, with a linen tablecloth, majestic in moss green (muschio).
  3. Choose details carefully.
    Most of the objects in our home should not even be noticed, while others play a key role: for example, let’s think about a flowerpot, a colorful lampshade, or a dominant piece of furniture. Or, if we are dealing with a table, it is the accurate choice of jugs, glasses, plates and cutlery to clearly express who we are: surely they will daily enrich our lifestyle, which is precisely revealed by our home. 

Now it’s up to you: do you know how to define your style?


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