WE ARE THE ROOMS WE LIVE IN. Each bedroom tells a personality: which kind of personality are you?

As one of the most intimate rooms of the whole house, the bedroom often tells us about the true nature of those who live there. It is the reassuring and welcoming retreat that protects from the stress and the frenzy of the outside world. It is the place where the lost energies are recovered. It is the space where everyone's privacy and relaxation resides.  

This kind of sensations arise, firstly, from the well-being that comes from living the tailor-made space around us: welcoming, relaxing, and with personality

Few elements harmoniously combined with lights positioned carefully give an immediate feeling of well-being.  And then, simple details such as pillows or bedcovers in the right colors make any room immediately warm and intimate, as a tender hug, where everyone wants to relax at the end of the day. 

Follow these 3 simple tips: 

  1. For a particularly well-finished effect, preferably use different shades - lighter and darker - of the same color as the duvet cover REM (100% pure linen) in grayish green tea to be combined with the throw CABLE' in smoke gray. 
  2. Do not combine too many fantasies, but say yes to the combination fantasy-plain color: mix the bed sheets SETU in pearl plain color, made with a double layer cotton and silk, with the blanket MET with tartan design in smoke gray, made with wool and jacquard silk. On the contrary, if the sheets are characterized by a fantasy, the bedcover must necessarily be in plain color. 
  3. To make the bedroom more comfortable, let the geometric 3D microprinted pillow cases NAP TINI, or those in plain color REM and the edge of the sheets stand out, instead of covering them with the bedcover: the feeling of warmth and relaxation will be immediate! 

And now, it's up to you! In what bedroom would you like to fall asleep every night?


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